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With the object of giving an integral service to our clients, the office also covers Employment Law.

The professional services in this area, include, among others, the following:

  •  Hiring and special employment conditions.
  • Senior management: contracts, special agreements, golden parachute clauses and non-competition clauses, inclusion in the organic structure of the company, dismissal of senior managers, etc.
  •  Systems of remuneration and compensation.
  • Advice in the matter of National Insurance contributions and information on incentives or benefits applicable deriving from hiring.
  • Advice on the specific situation of the worker.
  • Preparation of business policies and internal protocols, as well as equality and training plans, etc.
  • Advice on the obligation to hire disabled workers.
  • Advice on international journeys of workers (employment and social security aspects)
  • Suspensions and extinctions of individual employment relationships.
  • Defence of the interests of our clients in relation with acts of liquidation of social security contributions or employment breach records or any other administrative action in the employment sphere.
  • Defence of the interests of our clients before all the employment courts and tribunals and contentious-administrative courts.