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Our team of professionals gives integral advice to our clients in the framework of the different operations of business restructuring, corporate financing and insolvency proceedings. We advise companies both from the point of view of the creditor in defence of his interests and on the side of the debtor with the primordial aim of helping him to overcome his economic difficulties.

Our services in the area of restructuring include:

  • Legal advice in the processes of due diligence of companies, assets or business in all the areas of the Law and of commercial practice.
  • Planning of operations of merger, acquisitions, de-investments, absorptions and increases of capital, up to implementation and execution.
  • Planning, execution and implementation of operations of business reorganization and restructuring.
  • Advice on the best options for the purchase and sale of businesses. Identification of investment opportunities. Preparation of the necessary documentation during the process.
  • Advice and assistance in the determination of the value of the company and the tax consequences of the operation to be undertaken.
  • Assistance and advice in the process of negotiation until the transaction is complete.


Our advice in insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings includes:

  • Assistance in all kinds of judicial proceedings, such as subordination of credits and in all phases of the insolvency proceedings.
  • Diagnosis of the insolvency situation and development of a process of refinancing of debt.
  • Restructuring and insolvency agreements.
  •  Liquidation of companies, with special advice on the process of sale of business units.
  • Operations of purchase and sale of assets in the context of crisis or insolvency, both to purchasers of assets (both in and outside of insolvency proceedings), and to sellers, shareholders and administrators.