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After the United Kingdom left the European Union, the British are considered “non-EU” citizens, so their regime of stay in Spain as well as entry into the country have changed, it has been limited just like any other non-EU citizen, having an impact on the entry, stay and tax regime in Spain.

This issue has also affected the real estate sector, which is a significant sector in the Canary Islands with mainly foreign investors in certain areas of the islands. Most are clients who have their main residence in the United Kingdom but who have a second residence in the Canary Islands or who have decided to undertake real estate or business investments in the Islands.

Our advice in all areas of the United Kingdom desk is aimed at all those British citizens who reside or live and work in the archipelago, or plan to reside in the Canary Islands or work in the Canary Islands or, are planning on buying a property or making investments of any kind .

We contemplate the personal sphere of the individuals  as well as British companies that wish to establish or operate in our islands at the moment, or that in the future wish to operate.

As experts in law and taxation, we study each specific case and its circumstances at a personal and profesional level, planning and accompanying the client in making decisions at all times regarding their investments, properties, residence , taxation, incluiding inheritance law cases.

In this scenario, our specialization will place us in the ideal place to anticipate ou anticipate ourselves, providing solutions after BREXIT, its impact on residence and stay, and its economic and social consequences for British citizens and companies in the Canary Islands.