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Proximity of a local expert for global solutions

Our UK Desk was born to address the specific needs demanded by British clients to fulfill with success their transactions in Canary Islands, by offering specialized and practical legal and tax solutions within the framework of a 360-degree advise.

Because it is not enough to speak to our customers in their own language.  We combine an excellent knowledge of the English language with a knowledge of British culture, its business and legal system, providing our clients with highly personalized legal and tax advice, from a position of proximity, transparency and efficiency.

The UK Desk is formed by a team of professionals ranging from lawyers, economists, tax advisers, and accountants to customer service staff, philologists and translators with specific language training and experience.

Our team helps our British clients and English-speakers in general, to fulfill with success their transactions in the Canary Islands, from the beginning of their relationship with our Firm throughout the whole journey.

Thanks to the alliance with ETL GLOBAL, our coverage has become stronger and we provide support from the UK Desk throughout Europe, taking into account the globalization and international profile of the clients.

What we offer:

Expert advice on properties acquisitions, business investments and tax planning and all types of residence permits and visas in Spain.

Legal and tax advice to foreign investors who wish to buy a property, start or expand their businesses in Canary Islands: we accompany you from the conception of the idea and help you to design the structure that best suits you, providing an efficient solution tailored to your needs from a legal and tax point of view, whether you are a company or an individual.

Our proven experience of more than 20 years in the Canary Islands dedicated to promoting the region and its tax incentives has made us a reference firm in the creation of entities in a framework of total legal certainty and rigor, which results in efficiency and peace of mind for the investor.

We know what it means for you to take the decision of acquiring a property, whether for your habitual residence, second residence, business or future investment. We know what it means to change country, region or investment because it goes beyond a mere real estate transaction.

We approach the operations putting ourselves in your place, considering all the circumstances to provide advice tailored to your needs, taking into account personal, family and financial aspects.

We know the law, the sector and the real estate market in the Canary Islands and we collaborate with the best real estate agencies, consultants and finantial entities. 

We offer the 360 degrees services arising from real estate transactions, offering full legal and tax suppport and assistance:


  • VISA APPLICATIONS FOR NON EU CITIZENS. Full legal suppport and assistance with applications and processes.