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In the area of Real Estate Law, we offer integral advice to the investor guaranteeing our clients correct planning and legal and fiscal structuring of the purchase and management of assets, as well as their transfer.

Our services, among others, comprise the following:

  • Feasibility study of the real estate operation.
  • Design of the company structures that are suitable for the operations.
  • Integral planning of the process of purchase or transfer of real estate assets of all kinds, including both legal verification thereof and its taxation effects.
  • Negotiation, preparation and formalization of all kinds of contracts.
  • Preparation of notarial documents and assistance at the Notary’s Office, including representation of our clients, both in the purchase and the sale of properties.
  • Advice in the process of funding of real estate operations, review of mortgages and documents linked with them.
  • Supervision and management of the process of cancellation of mortgage charges or of any other kind.
  • Preparation of tax declarations deriving from such operations.