ETL is coming to the canaries by the hand of Cabrera Rodríguez

Jan 14, 2020 | the journal EXPANSION, Spain, Uncategorized

Translation of the Article by Laura Saiz – Madrid
Photo of Carolina Rodríguez and Octavio Cabrera, responsible partners of the law firm Cabrera Rodríguez in Tenerife

Since its foundation 20 years ago, the Canary law firm is specialized in the particular tax regime of this territory.

ETL Global has taken an important step within its ambitious strategical plan for Spain by integrating the new law firm Cabrera Rodríguez. This firm, from its headquarters in Tenerife, will be in charge of leading the expansion of the German firm within the Canary Islands, a territory which shows a significant growth and has a broad range of national and international SMEs operating there.

The Canary law firm is specialized in the particular tax regime of this territory since its foundation 20 years ago. With its solid history and under the leadership of Octavio Cabrera Toste, founding partner and managing director, jointly with Carolina Rodríguez, the firm relies on a team of approximately thirty professionals specialized in law, taxation and the planning of investments and business initiatives.

Cabrera Rodríguez has a clear international vocation, much in line with the other recent integrations into ETL Global, to such an extent that foreign investments and legal and fiscal planning in Spain must be highlighted among its areas of expertise. In order to compensate the geographical isolation and the structural handicaps of the islands, it is with good reason that the Canary regime offers considerable tax benefits which, according to the firm, attract quite huge amounts of foreign capital.

The incorporation of Cabrera Rodríguez into ETL Global is not the only one that has been carried out over the last few months, other firms in Oviedo and Mataró have also joined to ETL Global project.

In Catalonia, to be more exact in Manresa, the firm Gros Monserrat which, like Cabrera Rodríguez, has a strong international vocation, has also been incorporated. This firm stands out for the provision of advisory services for both national and international companies during their globalization process.

These last two maneuvers in Catalonia represent a substantial reinforcement of ETL Global’s presence in this Autonomous Community, which by the firm is considered to be totally strategic.


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