COVID-19 Self-employed workers

Dear clients,

In line with our previous communications, we inform you that Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17th, establishes the so-called “Extraordinary Benefit for Cessation of Activity”, intended for those workers who are self-employed.

The measure, as we have already explained, is intended for those self-employed whose economic activity is suspended due to the declaration of the state of alarm in Spanish territory, or those whose turnover is reduced by at least 75% in comparison with the previous semester.

In the same way, these measures would affect those natural persons who are considered working partners of their companies and are included in the special regime of self-employed workers, in which cases each specific situation will have to be analysed.

This is an extraordinary benefit that will have a validity period of one month from the entry into force of the Decree by which the state of alarm was declared, or until the last day of the month in which the state of alarm ends, if it is extended for more than a month.

Likewise, as recently announced, those self-employed workers who are subject to certain requirements will be exempt from the payment of the Social Security contributions.

During the meeting of the Council of Ministers scheduled for tomorrow, new measures will predictably be approved, and the previous ones with regard to self-employed workers will be further developed, so we will inform you in detail once we know their content.

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