May 11, 2020 | Blog., Covid-19.

While the governments are cautiously and gradually planning and executing the global and citizen de-escalation, the entrepreneurs, -small, medium and large, – we find ourselves in the reverse process for a long time now.

We have had to de-scale all at once. We faced collapse in less than 24 hours, and that was the time that most of us needed to start the reverse process: escalation.

Because the de-escalation is over for us, we are in our own unique escalation, probably each one in his own, and many climbing together, almost hand in hand.

We fell through a vertical wall that ended in a precipice, we bridged over it, and without almost noticing the damage suffered in the fall, we immediately started thinking about how to climb again. It is in our DNA.

We are all on it, or most of us, I am sure. We are climbing as alpinists or mountaineers but without harness. There is no safety net nor any Sherpa to guide us and help with the heavy load. We do not even know where the summit is, we do not even know if there is a summit. We only know that we are not willing to stay seated crying, or paddle to die on the shore. That will not happen, we will not allow it, for ourselves, for our families and for our workers. No way!

Our method has no secrets. The new normality has led us to establish our own new survival rules. Our own mountaineering manual includes a basic recipe, whose necessary ingredients are tenacity, innovation, creativity, originality, brilliance and specialization. All this must always necessarily be seasoned with a high dose of courage, of unlimited bravery, almost of recklessness. Without the latter, the formula does not work.

We are therefore in our particular and desolate ground zero, but all together, strong and proud, aware of our capabilities and especially of our irreducible will, we will give our best again adding generously and without fainting or surrendering. We will return to create added value, to get oil, to create new spaces and new roads, which will lead us to build a new tomorrow, efficient, successful and sustainable.


Octavio Cabrera Toste

Socio Director – Managing partner