Dear clients,

The third week of confinement and paralysis of economic activity ends. The health crisis persists in its devastating effects in our country, while some visualize green shoots.

During these days, many of you have completed the restructuring processes of our valued human capital and have begun to make the most immediate and necessary decisions. You have also begun to study the different actions that will have to be undertaken without a continuity solution to ensure that our companies survive in the short term, consolidate their viability in the medium term, and secure a long-term future. April is a crucial month in this regard. It is not an easy task and only you know the difficulty of the challenge, each one with their own difficulties and uniqueness. We must do all this, and also do it with high morale, radiating optimism to all those around us and who have always, now more if possible, have had us as a reference and guide.

In this week, in which we have been flooded with regulations of the crisis of all kinds and nature, and in which we are still immersed in the greatest uncertainty, we want to recognize you, the entrepreneurs, who cannot sit quietly waiting for the crisis to pass, but we must firmly be at the helm of our projects, make decisions, take risks, and apply ourselves rigorously and courageously, all without forgetting our social responsibility and solidarity commitment to our community, to try to make our companies survive the storm, and from there we can continue offering a hopeful future to our families and all our workers.

Happy confined weekend.

Octavio Cabrera Toste
Socio Director – Managing partner